MTG 6257, Spring 2011
Differential Geometry II

Professor David Groisser
Office: Little 308
Phone: 392-0281 ext. 261
Office Hours: Tentatively Monday and Friday 7th period (1:55-2:45), and Tuesday 4th period (10:40-11:30). Please come early in the period or let me know to expect you later; otherwise I may not stay in my office for the whole period. See my schedule for updates. Students who can't make scheduled office hours may see me by appointment on most weekdays.

Textbook: None required. However, please see the MTG 6256 course announcement for information about two recommended books (Boothby, An Introduction to Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry, and Spivak, A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, volumes 1 and 2), and for a link to some other references.

Course description: MTG 6257 is the second semester of a year-long graduate sequence that introduces the tools of differential geometry and differential topology. The first part of the semester we will be devoted to some basics that we didn't cover, or covered incompletely, such as semester, including Stokes' theorem (a continuation from last semester), de Rham cohomology, and Riemannian metrics and some basic Riemannian geometry. The topics for the rest of the semester will be selected based on input from the registered students. Some of the possible topics, several of which are interdependent, are listed below.

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in MTG 6256 (taken Fall 2010), or permission of the instructor.

Exams, Homework, and Grading: Your final grade will be determined by the following:

The weighting of each of these two components will be between 25% and 75%, and may vary from student to student. Generally I will give more than 50% weight to the component on which you've been more successful. (But that does not mean I will give 75% weight to it.)

Attendance: I work hard to prepare my lectures, and I expect students to attend all of them (and to arrive on time), with the usual allowances for illness, emergency, conference-travel, etc. When you must miss a class, please obtain notes from a classmate.

Homework rules: The rules from last semester apply (see here, from the start of the section "More about homework" to the end of the section "Student Honor Code"). It seems that some of these rules were not written explicitly enough:

Accommodations for students with disabilities: Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when requesting accommodation. See

Letter grades and their grade-point equivalents at UF: see

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