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MAA 4211, Fall 2001

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Professor David Groisser
418 Little Hall
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    General facts about this course

    This course is the first semester of a two-semester sequence (MAA 4211-12) and is geared towards math majors and other people who just plain like math--the conceptual side, not just the computational side. This course is best treated as a one-year course, with a certain body of material to be covered by the end of the spring, rather than as a course that can be compartmentalized into semesters. Much of the material covered in the first semester is intended to develop tools that will be used in the second, where things will ``come together'' more. Usually the same instructor teaches both semesters.

    This is a very different course from MAA 4102-4103 (Introduction to Advanced Calculus for Engineers and Physical Scientists). Our focus will be on proving theorems, not on applications to the sciences; if this focus is not to your tastes, you would probably be happier in MAA 4102-4103. However, if you are thinking of doing graduate work in mathematics, a theorem-proving course would serve you better.


    A satisfactory grade in MAS 4105 (Linear Algebra, not to be confused with MAS 3114, Computational Linear Algebra), which itself has the Calculus 1-2-3 sequence as a prerequisite. Unless you have prior permission from me, you may not take this class without these prerequisites. If you have never taken a class in which writing proofs was a significant component, this course is not suitable for you.

    Other skills needed

    You must have the ability to write in clear, unambiguous, grammatical English sentences. An important goal of this course is for you to learn to express mathematical ideas in precise terms, and communicate them clearly to other people. A factor in your grade will be whether the instructor can understand your written work without excessive re-reading.

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